The Electronic Newsletter of the
Solar Physics Division
American Astronomical Society
Volume 1999 Number 9

Stephen R. Walton, editor

April 1, 1999


1999 Hale Prize to Be Awarded to John W. Harvey

>From Steve Kahler <>
>30 Mar 1999

I am very pleased to announce that the 1999 George Ellery Hale Prize will be awarded to John W. Harvey of NSO/Tucson. The Hale Prize will be awarded to Jack Harvey "for his fundamental contributions to our understanding of the nature of solar magnetic fields and of the internal structure of the Sun through helioseismology, for his development of innovative solar instrumentation, and for his selfless and untiring service to the solar physics community."

The Hale Prize will be awarded to Jack at the AAS/SPD summer meeting in Chicago in June 1999.

Our thanks go to the Hale Prize Committee members, John Leibacher (chair), Gordon Emslie, Ernie Hildner, Eric Priest, and Neil Sheeley, for their good work.

SPD Popular Writing Awards Nominations Sought

>From Aad Vanballegooijen <>
>29 Mar 1999

The Solar Physics Division (SPD) announces the annual competition for two Popular Writing Awards to be awarded to authors of popular or semi-popular articles on the Sun and its effects on the Earth's environment. The purpose of these awards is to encourage scientists, science writers, and journalists to write about the Sun and thereby educate the public about results from contemporary solar research.

Awards will be made for previously published articles which, in the judgement of the selection committee, best communicate the results from contemporary scientific studies of the Sun and heliosphere. The articles will be judged based on the following criteria: relevance of the article to solar astronomy or solar physics, or space physics directly associated with the Sun; educational value; accuracy in describing the scientific issues involved; clarity of presentation; and number of readers who would likely have seen the article. The article must be in English, and must have been published in a US or Canadian newspaper, magazine, or semi-popular journal in the year 1998. Books and electronic publications are not eligible. The contest is open to any US or Canadian resident (SPD or AAS membership not required). Awards will be made in two categories, one for scientists, including both professionals and students, and another for science writers and journalists. One award will be offered in each category. The cash amount of each award will be $500. Each award will be accompanied by a certificate. In the case of an article with multiple authors, each author will receive a certificate, but a check for $500 will be issued only to the lead author.

The articles will be judged by the Popular Writing Awards Committee, which consists of Leila Belkora, Jeff Brosius, Peter Gilman, Aad van Ballegooijen (chair), and a fifth member from outside the solar physics community (to be announced). The committee seeks nominations for the 1999 Popular Writing Awards. Nominations may be submitted to the address below. Self-nominations are most welcome. Nominations should be submitted on or before April 26, 1999, and should give the title of the article, the name(s) and address(es) of the author(s), where and when the article was published, the category for which the article is nominated (scientist or science writer/journalist), and in case of newspaper articles, a copy of the article. The committee reserves the right to nominate articles itself. The decisions of the committee are final.

SPD Popular Writing Awards
A. A. van Ballegooijen
Center for Astrophysics
60 Garden Street, MS-15
Cambridge, MA 02138
Tel: (617) 495-7183
Fax: (617) 495-7049

Third Meeting Announcement: Space Weather: Research to Operations III

>From "Onsager, Terry" <>
>19 Mar 1999

Registration deadline: April 1, 1999

Poster/video abstract submission deadline: April 9, 1999

Meeting information, including registration and abstract submission forms, is available at the following Web location:

The third annual Research to Operations meeting will be held in Boulder, CO on April 21-23, 1999, in conjunction with the NOAA Space Environment Center Users Conference on April 19-21. Research and operations topics will be addressed that span the full solar-terrestrial environment, from the sun to the upper atmosphere. Among the topics that will be addressed are: recent research advances, data assimilation, community modeling activities, future data sources, rapid prototyping centers, and the status of space weather operations centers. For the first time, the Research to Operations meeting will be combined with the SEC Space Weather Users Conference, allowing space environment researchers to interact with users of space weather services.

Meeting Organizers:

Terry Onsager - NOAA Space Environment Center -
Greg Ginet - Air Force Research Laboratory -
Rich Behnke - National Science Foundation -

High Energy Solar Physics Workshop

>From "R. Ramaty" <>
>31 Mar 1999

An international workshop, in anticipation of HESSI (High Energy Solar Spectroscopic Imager) to be launched in 2000, will be held at the Goddard Space Flight Center, October 18-20, 1999. The invited review talks, the abstract submission details, and the registration form are given on the WEB at

The deadline for abstract submission is May 1, 1999. Please send abstracts, written in ASCII or LATEX, by e-mail to

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