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2016 Metcalf Travel Award Program

The deadline for proposals for Metcalf Travel Award applications is March 13, 2016. See details at the Program page.

New submission method for SolarNews

Submissions for SolarNews should now be submitted via a new form on the AAS Website.

Details can be found on our links page.
The SPD will hold its 48th meeting in
[Portland, Oregon]
Portland, Oregon
2017 August 21 - 26

[Terry Forbes, 2016 Hale Prize winner] 2016 Hale Prize: Terry G. Forbes

"For his significant contributions to the theory of magnetic reconnection, for his development of important new models of the physics of solar flares and coronal mass ejections, and for his achievements mentoring students and junior scientists in the solar physics community."

[Katherine K. Reeves, 2016 Karen Harvey Prize winner] 2016 Harvey Prize: Katherine K. Reeves

"For her work elucidating the energetics of solar flares and coronal mass ejections, for her leadership within the multinational Hinode/X-Ray Telescope project, and for her strong role in scientific education and public outreach."